Clare McDonald-Sims wins DUFF!

Julian Warner, Justin Ackroyd and I are pleased to announce that the winner of the 2016 race is Clare McDonald-Sims!

Final results for the election were a total of 36 ballots cast, subtracting 2 ballots with no preference for 34 ballots cast with a preference. Just over AUD$400 was raised in the voting process. Thank you to everyone who voted and to Jean Weber for her invaluable assistance as PayPal money handler.

TOTAL                                           1       2       3


Clare McDonald-Sims             33      0       0

No Preference                            2       6       2

Hold Over Funds                       1        3       1

Write-in                                      0       2       0

Write-ins were Bruce Gillespie and John Bansund [sic].


North America


Clare McDonald-Sims             22      0       0

No Preference                             2       4       2

Hold Over Funds                         0       1       1

Write-in                                        0       2       0


Australia / New Zealand


Clare McDonald-Sims             9       0       0

No Preference                            0       0       0

Hold Over Funds                       1        2       0

Write-in                                      0       0       0


Rest of World


Clare McDonald-Sims             2       0       0

No Preference                            0       0       0

Hold Over Funds                       0       0       0

Write-in                                      0       0       0



Nominations open for DUFF race

Nominations are now open for a Down Under Fan Fund delegate from Australia or New Zealand to travel to Kansas City, Missouri, USA for the 74th World Science Fiction Convention – MidAmericon II – August 17-21, 2016.
The nominee may also undertake to attend other conventions and associated fannish travel in North America. This is not essential but will enhance the overall experience.
DUFF, founded in 1972 and supported by donations from SF fans all over the world, sends a delegate from Australia – New Zealand to North America, or the other way, in alternating years.
The successful nominee, after voting has taken place will then become the DUFF delegate.
Delegates are chosen as active members of the SF community whom fans on the visited side would like to meet. The delegate travels as much as possible, makes friends, radiates goodwill, and becomes the Adminstrator in turn until the next cycle. There is an expectation (not always fulfilled!) that delegates will write a trip report during or after their trip. Delegates’ trip reports are sold to support the Fund.
The current administrators of the fund are Lucy Huntzinger in North America and Julian Warner and Justin Ackroyd in Australia. All the current administrators are past fan fund winners who were asked to step in and assist when the former administrator suffered some illness.
Three Australian/New Zealand nominators and two North American nominators are required for each nominee. A written platform of about 100 words should be submitted by the nominee providing some information about themselves in a fannish context. Nominees are also asked to make a small donation to the fund as a bond of 25 Australian or New Zealand dollars.
DUFF voting occurs via a secret ballot and is determined using the instant runoff method.
The period for nominations will close on 1 March 2016 at midnight, Western Australian time (UTC +8.00).
Further details about DUFF can be found at:
Any enquiries about nomination or other DUFF matters can be addressed to:
For Australia/New Zealand:
For North America:

Year End Statement 2015

In May of this year I took over as Acting Administrator for Juanita Coulson. Marty Cantor (DUFF 1985) had been handling the fan fund banking since 2010 at the request of the administrators and was ready to pass on the responsibility. When I agreed to take the position he closed out the DUFF bank account in Los Angeles and sent me a check of $4,717.84. I deposited it into a savings account in Palo Alto, donating the $5 minimum to open the account, and set about enhancing DUFF’s online presence. I also took over organizing the fundraising, focusing on Sasquan, the 2015 Worldcon.

Tom Becker made contact with the family of the late Art Widner (DUFF 1991) and arranged to select and transport some of his science fiction collection as auction material for the fan fund. Tom has really good taste. The items that went to auction did very well for us. Special thanks to Toni Weisskopf of Baen Books and Naomi Fisher (DUFF 2001) for their donated items. I apologize if I have left out anyone’s name who donated items directly at the con; your names have not made their way back to me. The total raised at the Fan Funds Auction at Sasquan was $1,111.00.

Norman Cates generously raised $398.65 at GenCon for DUFF on his own initiative, bless him and his excellent auctioneering skills. In addition, Cynthia Gonsalves bought a book from the Art Widner collection for $30.00.

Sasquan, the 73rd World Science Fiction Convention, donated $2,000.00 to DUFF, an unexpected and much appreciated boost. Thanks to Glenn Glazer, Bruce Farr and the chairs of Sasquan for thinking of us!

I spent $15.22 posting a box of books to Randy Byers who was in charge of the Fan Funds Auction materials. There were no other expenses.

The current fund stands at $8,247.27. Fundraising will continue in 2016.

Thank you to everyone who donated time, energy and money to DUFF NA. I am deeply grateful to be stewarding a healthy fund thanks to our generous supporters, and personally gratified that so many find sending delegates between international fandoms a worthwhile endeavor.

Lucy Huntzinger (DUFF 1987)


Online DUFF auction

The list below is what remains from the items donated from the Art Widner estate that were not sent to the Worldcon auction. I am collecting more donations and will run an online auction if there is interest in any of this. Good stuff, people! If you see something you like and you want to make an offer, please contact me at!

Cecelia Holland, Floating Worlds (Knopf, 1976). HC, 1st, Good. Slight wear on dust jacket, discoloration from dust.

Kim Stanley Robinson, Red Mars (Bantam, 1993). HC, 1st, Very Good. Slight wear on dust jacket. Nebula/BSFA winner.

Kim Stanley Robinson, Green Mars (Bantam, 1994). HC, 1st, Very Good. Slight wear on dust jacket. Hugo winner.

Kim Stanley Robinson, Blue Mars (Bantam, 1996). HC, 1st, Very Good. Slight wear on dust jacket. Hugo winner.

Kim Stanley Robinson, The Martians (Bantam, 1999). HC, Very Good. Bend edges on dust jacket, slight creasing on pages.

Kim Stanley Robinson, The Years of Rice and Salt (Bantam, 2002). HC, 1st, Fine. Locus Award winner.

Robert Sheckley, Dimensions of Sheckley: Selected Novels (NESFA Press, 2002). HC, Fine. Cover by Bob Eggleton.

A. Bertram Chandler, Kelly Country (Penguin Australia, 1983). PB, 1st, Very Good. Faded on spine.

Frank Clune, Ned Kelly (Angus & Robertson, 1980). PB, Very Good. First published as Ned Kelly’s Last Stand, 1962.

Theodora Kroeber, Ishi, Last of His Tribe (Bantam, 1978). PB, Good. Cover folded and slightly worn.

David Langford, The Space Eater (Timescape, 1983). PB, 1st, Good. Cover folded and worn. His first novel.

Vonda N. McIntyre, The Exile Waiting (Fawcett, 1976). PB, 1st, Very Good. Slight wear. Nebula/Locus winner.

Vonda N. McIntyre, Starfarers (Ace, 1989). PB, 1st, Very Good. Slight wear, pen mark on 1 page. Signed to Art Widner, 1991.

Vonda N. McIntyre, Transition (Ace, 1991). PB, 1st, Fine. 2 of 4 in a series. Signed to Art Widner, 1991.

Joanna Russ, And Chaos Died (Ace, 1970). PB, 1st, Very Good.

Joanna Russ, The Female Man (Bantam, 1973). PB, 1st, Very Good. James Tiptree, Jr. award winner (retrospective).

Joanna Russ, We Who Are About To… (Dell, 1977). PB, 1st, Very Good.