DUFF, the Down Under Fan Fund, was created by John Foyster in 1970 as a means of increasing the face-to-face communication between science fiction fans in Australia and New Zealand, and North America. It was based on an earlier fan fund called TAFF which did the same for fans in Europe and North America. Other fan funds have spun off from these two, all in the name of promoting a better understanding of worldwide fandom.

This website will offer the latest updates on current fund races, ballots and results of the races, as well as archiving material relevant to the fund. There is a gallery of photos of DUFF delegates and links to the fan fund winners’ trip reports published online. Many excellent trip reports are still available in paper and can often be obtained at TAFF/DUFF auctions, a regular feature of the Worldcon and many large conventions as well as specialty cons like Corflu (the Fanzine Fans convention) and Potlatch.

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