Who may vote in DUFF?

Sean Eric Fagan asked, in one of my pleas for votes and donations for DUFF:

Yeah, your rules are very confusing. How do I know whether I’m enough of a fan for you to accept?\

The ballot and long established rules of the Fan Fund is to have someone who has been in “Fandom” for a while. As the ballot says,  “active in Fandom before January 2018” but what does that MEAN? I know the iceberg rule: if Sean is confused, many others are confused too.

As your North American Fan Fund Coordinator, for me, it’s pretty simple, but let’s lay it out there and say it.

Do you read SFF? Do you talk to others about SFF on social media? Blog? Podcast? Youtubber? Write Goodreads reviews? Attend conventions? Then you are active in fandom and qualify to donate and vote, and we, the Down Under Fan Fund, would be proud and delighted for you to vote.

I want as many people to donate, vote and participate. I want all lovers of SFF who can financially do so to support the Down Under Fan Fund and our candidates.